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On the last day of the most important conference on emerging technologies in the world, the University of Medellin and the city applaud the transformative ideas of Colombian entrepreneurs. We spoke with the CSO of the event.


Technology, innovation, business and entrepreneurship met in Medellin, showing the latest and most significant growths on intelligent energy, 3D, urban mobility, open data, and unmanned drones, brain mapping and innovative entrepreneurship. Speakers from Ruta N, various universities, and independent companies presented projects that are aiming to change the ways in which we understand a lot of things of our society and the planet Earth. In the words of Kathleen Kennedy, the President of MIT Technology Review and the MIT Enterprise Forum it was “all about discovering. We share with our audiences new technologies that are emerging from different places and we talk about why they matter and we’re here in Colombia because we see that there’re a lot of interesting innovations starting to happen here”.

For two days, Gabriel Jaime Oregón Theater was the place in which innovative ideas, experts and companies spoke about joining forces and keep believing that, transforming society and economy in the future, is a task that is currently being achieved: innovators under 35 years proved that. “For instance, in Colombia, all 10 of them just blew me away. Camilo Herrera, who is allowing local communities to create their own lightning from every-day materials shows that these types of technologies -that are quite simple- will make a dramatic impact on local communities all over Colombia and around the world” Kennedy said about it.

It is the aspiration of all EmTech coordinators that the new generations inspired by this event, keep working on their ideas and projects that, in the near future, will be of use and help for the many problems that we face. “Innovation can change your life and allow you to make an impact on your world and the world for your children”, said the president of the event. Between 3D mapping talks, nanosatellites creations and the revolution of drones, Kennedy ended by pointing to the fact that “everyone these days has a computer in their pockets with their mobile phones. These mobile devices can be harnessed to do a wide variety of things that can really improve your day-to-day life, and technology is speeding up”.

The attendance was significant and constant throughout the whole event, demonstrating that the Colombian public really wants to be part of the breakthroughs and advances that the MIT is leading. Students and young entrepreneurs show the audiences that the future is right now and that we all are invited to be part of that change.

Camila Bolívar García

Editor in Chief

Digital Radio

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